Upgrade Remediate from a custom registry

You can also upgrade to a new version of Puppet Remediate if you use a custom registry with a few simple commands.

Before you begin

Prior to upgrading Remediate using a custom Docker registry, check that you have carried out the following prerequisite tasks:

  • Make sure you meet the system requirements for installing and running the new version of Remediate, and that you have received your license.
  • Ensure that your license is added to the nodes where you want to install the Remediate images.
  • If you use a custom Docker registry to store the Remediate Docker images, you must set the REGISTRY environment variable to point to the URL of your custom docker registry, e.g.:
    export REGISTRY=my-custom-docker-registry.local.net

    In this example, Remediate contacts my-custom-docker-registry.local.net to download the docker images it needs.

  1. Download the Remediate Docker Compose file to the same directory as your license.
    Note: If you want to manually validate the signature, see Verify Docker Compose file for online installs for more information.
  2. Stop Remediate:
    docker-compose run remediate stop
  3. Run the Remediate start command ⁠(replacing your-license.json with your own license):
    docker-compose run remediate start --license-file your-license.json
    The container images are pulled from the custom registry location specified by your REGISTRY environment variable.
What to do next
Remember: After you update Remediate, any existing discovered data is lost. You must wait for the next scheduled data discovery run completes to see data in the UI. Alternatively, click Discover All on the Manage Sources page to start a discovery run manually.