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Puppet Server Configuration Files: metrics.conf

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet packages and versions.

The metrics.conf file configures Puppet Server’s metrics services and v2 metrics API.


All settings in the file are contained in a HOCON metrics section.

  • server-id: A unique identifier to be used as part of the namespace for metrics that this server produces.

  • registries: A section that contains settings to control which metrics are reported, and how they’re reported.
    • <REGISTRY NAME>: A section named for a registry that contains its settings. In Puppet Server’s case, this section should be puppetserver.
      • metrics-allowed: An array of metrics to report. See the metrics documentation for details about individual metrics.
      • reporters: Can contain jmx and graphite sections with a single Boolean enabled setting to enable or disable each reporter type.
  • reporters: Configures reporters that distribute metrics to external services or viewers.
    • graphite: Contains settings for the Graphite reporter.
      • host: A string containing the Graphite server’s hostname or IP address.
      • port: Contains the Graphite service’s port number.
      • update-interval-seconds: Sets the interval on which Puppet Server will send metrics to the Graphite server.


Puppet Server ships with a default metrics.conf file in Puppet Server’s conf.d directory, similar to the below example with additional comments.

metrics: {
    server-id: localhost
    registries: {
        puppetserver: {
            # specify metrics to allow in addition to those in the default list
            #metrics-allowed: ["compiler.compile.production"]

            reporters: {
                jmx: {
                    enabled: true
                # enable or disable Graphite metrics reporter
                #graphite: {
                #    enabled: true


    reporters: {
        #graphite: {
        #    # graphite host
        #    host: ""
        #    # graphite metrics port
        #    port: 2003
        #    # how often to send metrics to graphite
        #    update-interval-seconds: 5
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