Puppet Server: Automatic CRL refresh

Starting in version 5.1.0, Puppet Server can automatically reload an updated CRL into the running SSL context, so that the revocation of an agent’s certificate no longer requires a restart of the service to take effect. Prior versions required an explicit restart or reload of this service to reload the CRL, resulting in some small amount of downtime to effect the revocation of a certificate. Revocation is now transparent and requires no service downtime.

If you are upgrading and have modified your ca.cfg, adding the following line manually may be required. See Service Bootstraping for information on how to update your Puppet Server’s services bootstrap configuration.



Automatic CRL refresh leverages the the trapperkeeper file system watcher to watch for changes to the CRL file, and loads the updated CRL on change.


Thanks to Jeremy Barlow, who laid the groundwork for this feature in Puppet Server.