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Edges endpoint


Catalog edges are relationships formed between two resources. They represent the edges inside the catalog graph, whereas resources represent the nodes in the graph. You can query edges by making an HTTP request to the /edges endpoint.


Returns all edges known to PuppetDB.

URL parameters

  • query: optional. A JSON array containing the query in prefix notation. If not provided, all results will be returned. See the sections below for the supported operators and fields. For general info about queries, see our guide to query structure.

Query operators

See the AST query language page.

Query fields

  • certname (string): the certname associated with the edge.
  • relationship (string): the edge relationship. Can be contains, before, required-by, notifies, or subscription-of.
  • source_title (string): the source resource title.
  • source_type (string, with first letter always capitalized): the source resource type.
  • target_title (string): the target resource title.
  • target_type (string, with first letter always capitalized): the target resource type.

Response format

The response is a JSON array of hashes, where each hash has the form:

  "certname": <string>,
  "relationship": <string>,
  "source_title": <string>,
  "source_type": <string>,
  "target_title": <string>,
  "target_type": <string>


You can use curl to query information about nodes:

curl 'http://localhost:8080/pdb/query/v4/edges'

A sample response:

[ {
  "certname" : "host-5",
  "relationship" : "required-by",
  "source_title" : "httpd",
  "source_type" : "Package",
  "target_title" : "authn_file.load",
  "target_type" : "File"
}, {
  "certname" : "host-5",
  "relationship" : "contains",
  "source_title" : "/etc/apache2/ports.conf",
  "source_type" : "Concat",
  "target_title" : "concat_/etc/apache2/ports.conf",
  "target_type" : "Exec"
}, {
  "certname" : "host-5",
  "relationship" : "notifies",
  "source_title" : "deflate.load",
  "source_type" : "File",
  "target_title" : "httpd",
  "target_type" : "Service"
}, {
  "certname" : "host-5",
  "relationship" : "required-by",
  "source_title" : "mkdir /etc/apache2/mods-available",
  "source_type" : "Exec",
  "target_title" : "deflate.load",
  "target_type" : "File"
}, {
  "certname" : "host-5",
  "relationship" : "notifies",
  "source_title" : "concat_/etc/apache2/ports.conf",
  "source_type" : "Exec",
  "target_title" : "/etc/apache2/ports.conf",
  "target_type" : "File"
}, {
  "certname" : "host-5",
  "relationship" : "notifies",
  "source_title" : "authz_groupfile.load symlink",
  "source_type" : "File",
  "target_title" : "httpd",
  "target_type" : "Service"
} ]


This query endpoint supports paged results via the common PuppetDB paging URL parameters. For more information, please see the documentation on paging.

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