You can query catalogs by making an HTTP request to the /catalogs endpoint.

Note: The v4 API is experimental and may change without notice. For stability, it is recommended that you use the v3 API instead.

GET /v4/catalogs/<NODE>

This will return the most recent catalog for the given node.

This endpoint does not use any URL parameters or query strings.

Response Format

Successful responses will be in application/json. Errors will be returned as non-JSON strings.

The result will be a JSON map, with a metadata key and a data key. The value of the data key is another map, containing the keys name, version, transaction-uuid, edges, and resources. For more details on any of this data, please refer to the catalog wire format.


curl -X GET http://puppetdb:8080/v4/catalogs/foo.localdomain

  "name" : "",
  "version" : "e4c339f",
  "transaction-uuid" : "53b72442-3b73-11e3-94a8-1b34ef7fdc95",
  "environment" : "production",
  "edges" : [...],
  "resources" : [...],

Note: the edges and resources fields above will be populated with data conforming to the catalog wire format.

No Paging

This endpoint always returns a single result, so paging is not necessary.

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