Resource Type: stage


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A resource type for creating new run stages. Once a stage is available, classes can be assigned to it by declaring them with the resource-like syntax and using the stage metaparameter.

Note that new stages are not useful unless you also declare their order in relation to the default main stage.

A complete run stage example:

stage { 'pre':
  before => Stage['main'],

class { 'apt-updates':
  stage => 'pre',

Individual resources cannot be assigned to run stages; you can only set stages for classes.


stage { 'resource title':
  name => # (namevar) The name of the stage. Use this as the value for 
  # any applicable metaparameters.


(Namevar: If omitted, this attribute's value defaults to the resource's title.)

The name of the stage. Use this as the value for the stage metaparameter when assigning classes to this stage.

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