Puppet Platform reference manual

As known issues are discovered in Puppet 5.4 and its patch releases, they’ll be added here. Once a known issue is resolved, it is listed as a resolved issue in the release notes for that release, and removed from this list.

  • In Puppet 5.4.0 on macOS, the puppet master command might not work correctly. To resolve this issue, set bindaddress if you want Puppet to listen on an IPv4 network interface, or to “” to listen on an IPv6 interface.

  • PUP-8009: Puppet 5.1.0 introduced support for internationalized strings in Puppet modules. However, this feature can cause significant performance regressions if environment caching is disabled, for instance by setting environment_timeout==0, even if the module doesn’t include internationalized content. Puppet 5.3.2 introduces an optional disable_i18n setting in puppet.conf to avoid using localized strings and restore degraded performance.

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