Puppet Platform reference manual

This page lists changes to the puppet-agent package. For details about changes to components in a puppet-agent release, follow the links to those components in the package release’s notes.

The puppet-agent package’s version numbers use the format X.Y.Z, where:

  • X must increase for major backwards-incompatible changes
  • Y may increase for backwards-compatible new functionality
  • Z may increase for bug fixes

The puppet-agent package installs the latest version of Puppet 5.

Also of interest: About Agent, and the Puppet 5.0 release notes.

Puppet agent 5.1.0

Released August 17, 2017.

Component updates

This release of puppet-agent includes component updates to Puppet 5.1.0, Facter 3.8.0, and MCollective 2.11.2.

New platforms

Packages have been added in this release for:

  • Debian 9 “Stretch”
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