Puppet 4.9 reference manual

This page lists changes to the puppet-agent package. For details about changes to components in a puppet-agent release, follow the links to those components in the package release’s notes.

The puppet-agent package’s version numbers use the format X.Y.Z, where:

  • X must increase for major backwards-incompatible changes
  • Y can increase for backwards-compatible new functionality
  • Z can increase for bug fixes

If you’re upgrading from Puppet 3.x

The puppet-agent package installs the latest version of Puppet 4. Also read the Puppet 4.0 release notes, since they cover any breaking changes since Puppet 3.8.

Also of interest: About Agent, and the Puppet 4.9 release notes.

Puppet agent 1.9.3

Released March 9, 2017.

Component updates

This is a bug fix release that includes updated components Puppet 4.9.4, Hiera 3.3.1, Facter 3.6.2, and MCollective 2.10.2. See their respective release note pages for individual bug fixes.

Puppet agent 1.9.2

Released February 27, 2017.

Component updates

This release of Puppet agent only includes changes to the Puppet component, with a Puppet 4.9.3 bug fix release. All other components remain unchanged.

Puppet agent 1.9.1

Released February 10, 2017.

Component updates

This release includes bug and regression fixes in Puppet 4.9.2, Facter 3.6.1, and MCollective 2.10.1.

Puppet agent 1.9.0

Released February 1, 2017.

Component updates

This release includes updates to multiple components: Puppet 4.9.0, Facter 3.6.0, Hiera 3.3.0, MCollective 2.10.0, and pxp-agent 1.4.0. Many of these components have new or enhanced features.

pxp-agent 1.4.0 new features

You can now configure pxp-agent to write an access log of messages received by the agent. See https://github.com/puppetlabs/pxp-agent#pcp-access-logging for details. (PCP-387)

This release supports PCP version 2, an update that changes to a simpler text-based protocol that only supports immediate delivery (no message expiration) to a single target. It can be enabled by setting the pcp-version option to 2 and connecting it to a version of pcp-broker supporting PCP v2. (PCP-647)

New platform

We now publish puppet-agent packages for Fedora 25.

Platforms end of life

As of this release of puppet-agent, we are no longer be providing packages for the following platforms:

  • Fedora 22
  • Mac OS X 10.9
  • Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily)
  • Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)
  • SLES 10
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