Puppet 4.5 reference manual

This page lists changes to the puppet-agent package. For details about changes to components in a puppet-agent release, follow the links to those components in the package release’s notes.

The puppet-agent package’s version numbers use the format X.Y.Z, where:

  • X must increase for major backwards-incompatible changes
  • Y may increase for backwards-compatible new functionality
  • Z may increase for bug fixes

If you’re upgrading from Puppet 3.x

The puppet-agent package installs the latest version of Puppet 4. Also read the Puppet 4.0 release notes, since they cover any breaking changes since Puppet 3.8.

Also of interest: About Agent and the Puppet 4.5 release notes.

Puppet agent 1.5.3

Released July 20, 2016.

Component updates

This was a minor release which included releases of Puppet 4.5.3, Facter 3.3.0, and pxp-agent 1.1.4.

Note: Despite the jump in y-version number from 3.1.8, Facter 3.3.0 is a minor bug fix release. Facter 3.2.0 was skipped intentionally to avoid confusion, as Facter 3.1.7 and Facter 3.1.8 incorrectly self identified as Facter 3.2.0 (FACT-1425) when using facter --version as well as facter facterversion.

New platform

Packages of Puppet agent are now available for Fedora 24.

Puppet agent 1.5.2

Released June 14, 2016.

Component updates

Bug fixes in Puppet 4.5.2.

All other components remain unchanged from puppet-agent 1.5.1.

Puppet agent 1.5.1

Released June 1, 2016.

Component updates

Includes bug fixes in Puppet 4.5.1, and Facter 3.1.8.

All other components remain unchanged from puppet-agent 1.5.0.

Puppet agent 1.5.0

Released May 17, 2016.

Component updates

Includes Puppet 4.5.0, Facter 3.1.7, and Hiera 3.2.0.

Ruby has been updated to 2.1.9, on all platforms except Windows.

Path change

The default location of hiera.yaml has changed from the $codedir to the $confdir. Updating to puppet-agent 1.5.0 will not move your existing file, but new installations will place it in this location. You should move the file to $confdir.

MCollective, pxp-agent, and OpenSSL remain unchanged from puppet-agent 1.4.2.

1.4.x and earlier

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