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puppet-doc - Generate Puppet references


Generates a reference for all Puppet types. Largely meant for internal Puppet Inc. use. (Deprecated)


puppet doc [-h|--help] [-l|--list] [-r|--reference reference-name]


This deprecated command generates a Markdown document to stdout describing all installed Puppet types or all allowable arguments to puppet executables. It is largely meant for internal use and is used to generate the reference document available on the Puppet Inc. web site.

For Puppet module documentation (and all other use cases) this command has been superseded by the "puppet-strings" module - see for more information.

This command (puppet-doc) will be removed once the puppetlabs internal documentation processing pipeline is completely based on puppet-strings.



Print this help message


Build a particular reference. Get a list of references by running 'puppet doc --list'.


$ puppet doc -r type > /tmp/type_reference.markdown


Luke Kanies

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