Puppet 3.8 Reference Manual

The Puppet device subcommand configures network hardware using a catalog downloaded from the Puppet master; in order to function, it requires that the relevant devices be configured.


The device.conf file is located at $confdir/device.conf by default. Its location is configurable with the deviceconfig setting.

The location of the confdir varies; it depends on the OS, Puppet distribution, and user account. See the confdir documentation for details.


device.conf is organized in INI-like sections, with one section per device:

    type cisco
    url ssh://admin:[email protected]

The name of each section should be the name that will be used with Puppet device to access the device.

The body of the section should contain a type directive (the only current valid value is cisco) and a url directive (which should be an SSH URL to the device’s management interface).

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