Forming requests to the status API

The HTTPS status endpoints are available on the console services API server, which uses port 4433 by default.

The path prefix is /status, so, for example, the URL to get the statuses for all services as JSON is https://<DNS NAME OF YOUR CONSOLE HOST>:4433/status/v1/services.

To access that URL using curl commands, run:

cert="$(puppet config print hostcert)"
cacert="$(puppet config print localcacert)"
key="$(puppet config print hostprivkey)"
uri="https://$(puppet config print server):4433/status/v1/services"

curl --cert "$cert" --cacert "$cacert" --key "$key" "$uri"

See Usage notes for curl examples for information about forming curl commands.

If enabled, the HTTP status endpoints are available on port 8123. See Authenticating to the status API to enable HTTP.

Tip: To change the port, locate the PE Console node group in the console, and in the puppet_enterprise::profile::console class, set the console_services_plaintext_status_port parameter to your desired port number.