Managing and deploying Puppet code


Puppet Enterprise (PE) includes built-in tools for managing and deploying your Puppet infrastructure. Code Manager and r10k are code management tools that automatically install modules, create and maintain environments, and deploy new code to your primary server and compilers, all based on version control of your Puppet code and data.

Code management tools

You can use either Code Manager or r10k to manage and deploy Puppet code. Both tools are built into PE and do not require separate installations.

Code Manager

Code Manager is the recommended tool for managing Puppet code in PE. Code Manager automates the deployment of your Puppet code and data. You can make code and data changes on your workstation and push changes to your Git repository. Subsequently, Code Manager creates environments, installs modules, and deploys the new code to your primary server and compilers, without interrupting agent runs.


If you are unable to use Code Manager, you can still use r10k to manage your code.

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