Enable Code Manager during installation

To configure Code Manager during a fresh installation of PE, add parameters to the pe.conf file.

Use these parameters only with text-mode PE installation, not with web-based installation. Adding the listed parameters enables and configures file sync and Code Manager.

  1. Add the following three parameters to pe.conf before installation, adding your specific URL and directory information:
    "puppet_enterprise::profile::master::r10k_remote": "git@<YOUR.GIT.SERVER.COM>:puppet/control.git"
    "puppet_enterprise::profile::master::r10k_private_key": "/etc/puppetlabs/puppetserver/ssh/id-control_repo.rsa"
    puppet_enterprise::profile::master::code_manager_auto_configure": true

    These parameters specify the private key location and the control repo URL, and enables Code Manager and file sync.

    • puppet_enterprise::profile::master::r10k_private_key

      This setting accepts a string that specifies the path to the future location of the SSH private key used to access your Git repositories. After PE installation is completed, place the key in the specified location. You do this in step 3 below.

    • "puppet_enterprise::profile::master::r10k_remote"

      This setting specifies the location of the control repository. It accepts a string that is a valid URL for your Git control repository.

    • puppet_enterprise::profile::master::code_manager_auto_configure

      This setting configures Code Manager, the Git control repository to use for storing code, and the private key for accessing your Git repos. Accepts the values true or false . Set it to true to enable and configure Code Manager. A false setting disables Code Manager and file sync.

  2. Complete the installation, following the steps in the text-based installation instructions.
  3. After installation is complete, place the SSH private key you created when you set up your control repository in the r10k_private_key location.
What to do next:

Next, set up authentication.