Available events

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet Enterprise support lifecycle.

These are the events for which hook scripts can be provided:

  • node-booted: Triggered every time a node boots via iPXE.
  • node-registered: Triggered after a node has been registered. Limited hardware information is available after registration.
  • node-deleted: Triggered after a node has been deleted.
  • node-bound-to-policy: Triggered after a node has been bound to a policy. The script input contains a policy property with the details of the policy that has been bound to the node.
  • node-unbound-from-policy: Triggered after a node has been marked as uninstalled by the reinstall-node command and thus has been returned to the set of nodes available for installation.
  • node-facts-changed: Triggered whenever a node changes its facts.
  • node-install-finished: Triggered when a policy finishes its last step.
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