Installing tasks and plans

Puppet Enterprise comes with some pre-installed tasks, but you must install all plans or any other tasks you want to use.

Note: Many of the modules that come pre-installed with the open-source Bolt tool will not be available by default in PE.
PE comes with the following tasks already installed:
  • package - Inspect, install, upgrade, and manage packages.
  • service - Start, stop, restart, and check the status of a service.
  • facter_task - Inspect the value of system facts.
  • puppet_conf - Inspect Puppet agent configuration settings.

Tasks and plans are packaged in Puppet modules, which you can install directly from the Forge or install and manage them with a Puppetfile using Code Manager. See Managing environment content with a Puppetfile for more information on declaring modules in your Puppetfile.

Additional modules that include helpful task and plan content include: