Puppet orchestrator API: forming requests

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Instructions on interacting with this API.

By default, the orchestrator service listens on port 8143, and all endpoints are relative to the /orchestrator/v1 path. So, for example, the full URL for the jobs endpoint on localhost would be https://localhost:8143/orchestrator/v1/jobs.
Tip: The orchestrator API accepts well-formed HTTP(S) requests.

Authenticating to the orchestrator API with a token

You need to authenticate requests to the orchestrators’s API. You can do this using user authentication tokens.

For detailed information about authentication tokens, see token-based authentication. The following example shows how to use a token in an API request.

To use the jobs endpoint of the orchestrator API to get a list of all jobs that exist in the orchestrator, along with their associated metadata, you'd first generate a token with the puppet-access tool. You'd then copy that token and replace <TOKEN> with that string in the following request:

curl -k -X GET https://<HOSTNAME>:<PORT>/orchestrator/v1/jobs -H 'X-Authentication:<TOKEN>'

Example token usage: deploy an environment

If you want to deploy an environment with the orchestrator's API, you can form a request with the token you generated earlier. For example:

curl -k -H 'X-Authentication:<TOKEN>' https://<HOSTNAME>:<PORT>/orchestrator/v1/command/deploy -X POST -d '{"environment":"production"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json"

This returns a JSON structure that includes a link to the new job started by the orchestrator.

  "job" : {
    "id" : "https://orchestrator.vm:8143/orchestrator/v1/jobs/81",
    "name" : "81"

You can make an additional request to get more information about the job. For example:

curl -k -X GET https://<HOSTNAME>:<PORT>/orchestrator/v1/jobs/81 -H 'X-Authentication:<TOKEN>'
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