Windows module pack

The Windows module pack is a group of modules available on the Forge curated to help you complete common Windows tasks.

The Forge is an online community of Puppet modules submitted by Puppet and community members. The Forge makes it easier for you to manage Puppet and can save you time by using pre-written modules, rather than writing your own. In addition to being rated by the community, modules in the Forge can be Puppet Approved or Puppet Supported. The major difference is that Approved modules are not available for Puppet Enterprise support services, but are still tested and adhere to a standard for style and quality.

The Windows module pack includes several Windows compatible modules that help you complete common specific tasks. You can find more Windows modules by searching the Forge. While the module pack itself is not supported, the modules by Puppet contained in the pack are individually supported with PE. The rest have been reviewed and recommended by Puppet but are not eligible for commercial support.

The Windows module pack enables you to do the following:

  • Read, create, and write registry keys with registry.
  • Interact with PowerShell through the Puppet DSL with powershell.
  • Manage Windows PowerShell DSC (Desired State Configuration) resources using dsc and dsc_lite.
  • Reboot Windows as part of management as necessary through reboot.
  • Enforce fine-grained access control permissions using acl.
  • Manage Windows Server Update Service configs on client nodes wsus_client.
  • Install or remove Windows features with windowsfeature.
  • Download files for use during management via download_file.
  • Build IIS sites and virtual applications with iis.
  • Install packages with chocolatey.
  • Manage environment variables with windows_env.