Installing tasks and plans

Puppet Enterprise comes with some pre-installed tasks, but you must install all plans or any other tasks you want to use.

Note: Many of the modules that come pre-installed with the open-source Bolt tool will not be available by default in PE.
PE comes with the following tasks already installed:
  • package - Inspect, install, upgrade, and manage packages.
  • service - Start, stop, restart, and check the status of a service.
  • facter_task - Inspect the value of system facts.
  • puppet_conf - Inspect Puppet agent configuration settings.

PE does not come with any pre-installed plans. You must download or write them.

Tasks and plans are packaged in Puppet modules.

Tasks can be installed from the Forge and managed with a Puppetfile and Code Manager.

Plans must be installed using Code Manager. See the section on code deployment for plans in the Plan caveats and limitations doc.

If you plan to run tasks or plans from the console, they must be installed into the production environment.

Additional modules that include helpful content include: