What is Puppet Enterprise (PE)?

Puppet Enterprise (PE) blends together Puppet, Bolt, and a robust selection of tools to help you automatically and continuously manage your large infrastructure.

PE is a commercial version of Puppet, our original open source product often used by individuals managing smaller infrastructures. It has all the best parts of Puppet, plus other features like a graphical user interface, orchestration services, role-based access control, reporting, and the capability to manage thousands of nodes at once. PE also incorporates other tools and products within Puppet to create comprehensive configuration management software.

Here is a little more information about what goes into PE.

The Puppet language for maintaining a solid infrastructure

Puppet is a declarative language. This means that instead of you actively managing your configurations, you tell Puppet what your desired infrastructure looks like and it works to keep it that way. This is the opposite of an imperative language, like Java, which focuses on what things are required to get to an end result.

Bolt for when you need it done now

Bolt is another Puppet product that helps users do one-off tasks without disrupting anything in their configurations. PE allows you to run Bolt tasks and plans from the console or on the command line to quickly do things like restart services or inspect a fact on your system.

CD4PE and the PDK for helping you manage code

PE works best in conjunction with two of Puppet's coding tools -Continuous Delivery for PE (CD4PE) and the Puppet Development Kit (PDK). CD4PE is a tool that help you streamline testing and deployment of Puppet code and the PDK is a tool for building quality modules.

Together, they make your Puppet code easier to manage.

What can PE do?

You know a little about what PE is and what parts of Puppet went into creating it, but you still might be wondering what problems it can help you solve.

Here are just a few examples of things PE can do for you.

  • Automatically synchronize the clocks on all of your servers to reduce failures and errors.
  • Deploy IT permissions changes to entire job roles or departments.
  • Alert you of any unauthorized changes to your infrastructure.
  • Quickly make profile changes to all user accounts at once.
  • Allow you to view and filter information about nodes.
  • Schedule reports.

Check out our video for more information.