Puppet Enterprise 2019.0

If you encounter certain errors on your primary master replica after provisioning, you can reinitialize the replica. Reinitializing destroys and re-creates all of the databases on the replica.

Before you begin
Your primary master must be fully functional and the replica must be able to communicate with the primary master.
Reinitialization is not intended to fix slow queries or intermittent failures. Reinitialize your replica only if it’s inoperational or you see errors similar to these:
  • ERROR: subscriber ... during nonrecoverable step...
  • ERROR: could not create unique index...
  • ERROR: function show_subscription_status() does not exist
CAUTION: If you reinitialize a functional replica that you already enabled, the replica is unavailable to serve as backup in a failover during reinitialization.
  1. On the primary master replica, reinitialize the databases: puppet infrastructure reinitialize replica
  2. Follow prompts to complete the reinitialization.
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