Password endpoints

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet Enterprise support lifecycle.

When local users forget passwords or lock themselves out of PE by attempting to log in with incorrect credentials too many times, you must generate a password reset token for them. The password endpoints enable you to generate password reset tokens for a specific local user or with a token that contains a temporary password in the body.

Tip: The PE console admin password can also be reset using a password reset script available on the PE console node.
Tip: 10 is the default number of login attempts that can be made with incorrect credentials before a user is locked out. You can change the value by configuring the failed-attempts-lockout parameter.

POST /users/:sid/password/reset

Generates a single-use password reset token for the specified local user.

The generated token can be used to reset the password only one time and it has a limited lifetime. The lifetime is based on a configuration value puppet_enterprise::profile::console::rbac_password_reset_expiration (number of hours). The default value is 24 hours. Authentication is required.

This token is to be given to the appropriate user for use with the /auth/reset endpoint.

Response format

Returns a 201 Created response. For example:


Error responses

Returns a 403 Forbidden response if the user does not have permissions to create a reset path for the specified user, or if the user is a remote user.

Returns a 404 Not Found response if a user with the given identifier does not exist.

POST /auth/reset

Resets a local user's password using a one-time token obtained via the /users/:sid/password/reset endpoint, with the new password in the body. No authentication is required to use this endpoint.

Request format

The appropriate user is identified in the payload of the token. This endpoint does not establish a valid logged-in session for the user.

For example:

{"token": "text of token goes here",

Response format

Returns a 200 OK response if the token is valid and the password has been successfully changed.

Error responses

Returns a 403 Permission Denied response if the token has already been used or is invalid.

PUT /users/current/password

Changes the password for the current local user. A payload containing the current password must be provided. Authentication is required.

Request format

The current and new passwords must both be included.

For example:

{"current_password": "somepassword",
 "password": "someotherpassword"}

Response format

Returns a 200 OK response if the password has been successfully changed.

Error responses

Returns a 403 Forbidden response if the user is a remote user, or if current_password doesn't match the current password stored for the user. The body of the response includes a message that specifies the cause of the failure.

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