Puppet Enterprise 2019.0

If your master can’t be restored, you can promote the replica to master to establish the replica as the new, permanent master.

  1. Verify that the primary master is permanently offline.

    If the primary master comes back online during promotion, your agents can get confused trying to connect to two active masters.

  2. On the replica, as the root user, run puppet infrastructure promote replica

    Promotion can take up to the amount of time it took to install PE initially. Don’t make code or classification changes during or after promotion.

  3. When promotion is complete, update any systems or settings that refer to the old master, such as PE client tool configurations, Code Manager hooks, Razor brokers, and CNAME records.
  4. Deploy updated configuration to nodes by running Puppet or waiting for the next scheduled run.
    Note: If you use the direct Puppet workflow, where agents use cached catalogs, you must manually deploy the new configuration by running puppet job run --no-enforce-environment --query 'nodes {deactivated is null and expired is null}'
  5. (Optional) Provision a new replica in order to maintain high availability.
    Note: Agent configuration must be updated before provisioning a new replica. If you re-use your old master’s node name for the new replica, agents with outdated configuration might use the new replica as a master before it’s fully provisioned.
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