Puppet orchestrator API: events endpoint

Use the /events endpoint to learn about events that occurred during an orchestrator job.

GET /jobs/:job-id/events

Retrieve all of the events that occurred during a given job.


The request accepts this query parameter:

Parameter Definition
start Start the list of events with the nth event.

For example:


Response format

The response is a JSON object that details the events in a job, and uses these keys:

Key Definition
next-events A link to the next event in the job.
items A list of all events related to the job.
id The job ID.
type The current status of the event. See event-types.
timestamp The time when the event was created.
details Information about the event.
message A message about the given event.

For example:

  "next-events" : {
    "id" : "https://orchestrator.example.com:8143/orchestrator/v1/jobs/352/events?start=1272"
  "items" : [ {
    "id" : "1267",
    "type" : "node_running",
    "timestamp" : "2016-05-05T19:50:08Z",
    "details" : {
      "node" : "puppet-agent.example.com",
      "detail" : {
        "noop" : false
    "message" : "Started puppet run on puppet-agent.example.com ..."

Event types

The response format for each event contains one of these event types, which is determined by the status of the event.

Event type Definition
node_errored Created when there was an error running Puppet on a node.
node_failed Created when Puppet failed to run on a node.
node_finished Created when puppet ran successfully on a node.
node_running Created when Puppet starts running on a node.
node_skipped Created when a Puppet run is skipped on a node (for example, if a dependency fails).
job_aborted Created when a job is aborted without completing.

Error responses

For this endpoint, the kind key of the error displays the conflict.

Key Definition
puppetlabs.orchestrator/validation-error If the start parameter or the job-id in the request are not integers, the server returns a 400 response.
puppetlabs.orchestrator/unknown-job If the job does not exist, the server returns a 404 response.