Running jobs on the command line

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet Enterprise support lifecycle.

The orchestrator on the command line gives you the ability to set up jobs and enforce agent runs against a PQL nodes query, a list of nodes, or application targets. For example, did you just add a new class parameter to a set of nodes, or did you just deploy code to a new environment? Use this command to run Puppet and enforce those changes.

The orchestrator command line tool includes the puppet job, puppet task, and puppet app commands.

  • puppet job

    The puppet job command is the main mechanism to control Puppet jobs. For a complete reference of the puppet job command, see:

    • Checking job plans on the CLI
    • Running jobs on the CLI
    • Reviewing jobs on the CLI
  • puppet app

    The puppet app tool lets you view the application models and application instances you’ve written and stored on your Puppet master. For a complete reference of the puppet app command, see Reviewing applications on the CLI.

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