Puppet Enterprise 2018.1

These are the issues resolved in PE 2018.1.x.

Disallowed Code Manager proxy setting for the Forge

This release fixes a regression that disallowed the proxy key for the Code Manager forge_settings parameter.

Errors when creating node group UUIDs through the API (2018.1)

Previously, if you created a group with a self-generated UUID using the PUT /v1/groups/:id end point, the classifier would accept some UUIDs that the console considered invalid. As a result the console would generate the error, "Error retrieving group hierarchy: The group id specified is invalid." The regular expression used to validate these identifiers in the console has been made less restrictive to match the classifier behavior. It is: [0-9a-f]{8}-[0-9a-f]{4}-[0-9a-f]{4}-[0-9a-f]{4}-[0-9a-f]{12}

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