Puppet Enterprise 2018.1

These are the features added to PE 2018.1.x.

Backup and restore functions (2018.1.0)

This release introduces Puppet Enterprise backup and restore functions. Back up your PE infrastructure, including Puppet code, configuration, PuppetDB, and certificates, allowing you to more easily migrate to a new master or recover from system failures.

Role-based access to tasks (2018.1.0)

Tasks have been added to the list of permission types available for user roles. You assign task permissions to limit user access to specific tasks that run on all nodes or a selected node group.

API endpoints for tracking multiple jobs (2018.1.0)

Two commands endpoints have been added to orchestrator API: plan_start and plan_task. You use these endpoints to track jobs run together as part of a plan. (A plan combines multiple tasks and runs them with a single command. For more information, see the docs for Bolt.)

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