Puppet Enterprise 2018.1

There are two installation types for Puppet Enterprise: monolithic and split. In most cases, a monolithic installation should suit your needs.

  • Monolithic installation (Recommended) — The master, the console, and PuppetDB are all installed on one node. Because all components are on one node, this installation type is easier to install, upgrade, and troubleshoot. You can expand this installation type, and manage up to 20,000 nodes, by adding compile masters.
  • Split installation — The master, the console, and PuppetDB are each installed on separate nodes. Use this installation type only if you have a limit on the number of permitted cores per server, or if you are managing more than 20,000 nodes.

As your deployment grows, your installation might grow like this:

  1. Install a monolithic installation on one node for managing tens to hundreds of nodes.
  2. As you expand and bring more nodes under management, increase the resources available to your monolithic installation by providing more CPUs and RAM.
  3. As you expand into managing thousands of nodes, add compile masters to distribute the agent catalog compilation workload.
  4. If your deployment grows even larger, migrate from a monolithic installation to a split installation/large environment installation (LEI).
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