Disabling MCollective

Turn off MCollective on a single node or on all nodes.

Disable MCollective on select nodes

Since the Puppet master server supports managing non- PE agent nodes (including things like network devices), you should disable MCollective on these nodes.

To disable MCollective for a node, in the console, create a rule in the PE MCollective group that excludes the node. This will prevent PE from attempting to enable MCollective on that node.

Disable MCollective on all nodes

Turn off MCollective and stop mco commands from running on your system.

  1. In the console, click Classification, and select the node group PE Infrastructure.
  2. On the Configuration tab, find the puppet_enterprise class. Select the mcollective parameter and edit its value to stopped.
    Class Parameter Value
    puppet_enterprise mcollective stopped
  3. Click Add parameter and commit the change.
  4. Set up a job and run Puppet on the PE Agent (production) node group to enforce your changes.

mco commands will no longer run on the nodes in your infrastructure.