Puppet Enterprise 2017.3

These are the issues resolved in PE 2017.3.x.

Solaris and AIX upgrades using the puppet_agent module failed (2017.3.2)

Solaris and AIX upgrades using the puppet_agent module left the agent uninstalled on the target system. This issue is resolved in version 1.4.2 of the puppet_agent module.

Database replication didn't work after forgetting an HA replica (2017.3.2)

Forgetting a replica in PE 2017.2 and earlier caused console services database replication to fail after upgrade and prevented changes made in the console from synching to the replica. These issues were caused by leftover pglogical event triggers.

In a couple of instances, text from a job run was not translated. These issues have been fixed:

  • If you ran a job with the command, puppet job run --query 'nodes {}', the response contained untranslated text.

  • If you attempted to use the command, puppet job show <job-id> in the Japanese version of PE, the text, COMPLETED RUNS was not translated.

  • If you attempted to use puppet job show in the Japanese locale, the column headers were not translated.

The orchestrator failed to identify that nodes have completed after compile master restart (2017.3.2)

If a compile master was restarted during a job, nodes were left in the "In progress" state. This is fixed.

POST request to orchestrator/v1/inventory without a body/payload returned 200 (2017.3.2)

This POST request returned a 200 code, instead of the status code 400 with a message stating that the POST on this endpoint required a body/payload. This is now fixed.

At large scale, node group pages with lots of rules failed to load (2017.3.1)

In implementations with node groups that are deeply nested and contain many rules, the displayed node counts for existing rules in a node group could cause performance issues. The display has been changed to only display node counts for rules that are newly added to a group by default. In addition, now the node count can be displayed on demand. 

Enum values that resolve to non-string JSON types when running tasks in the console parsed incorrectly (2017.3.1)

This issues was fixed by ensuring that values contained in an enum are treated as a string.

Resource based tasks needed 'name' parameter (2017.3.1)

The package and service task modules had a parameter for package= and service=; however, this changed to name=.

This change applies to the following tasks:

  • puppetlabs-package
  • puppetlabs-service

To stay up-to-date, make sure you update your production environment with the latest versions of the package and service modules from the Forge.

Invalid module metadata corrected (2017.3.1)

Modules with tasks included in 2017.3 contained metadata that incorrectly indicated that the modules supported no-operation functionality (also known as "no-op" mode). The modules do not support no-op and attempting to test changes with --noop does not work.

Module deprecation check caused increase in deployment time (2017.3.0)

In r10k versions 2.5.3 and 2.5.4, a module deprecation check was performed on every redeploy, causing a significant increase in deployment time. This issue has been resolved in versions 2.5.5 and later.

Nodes with no reports generated console errors on report retrieval (2017.3.0)

If you clicked a node's report list, and the node didn't have any reports stored in PuppetDB, the console returned an error that it couldn't retrieve the report.

Orchestrator job show command localizes timestamp (2017.3.0)

Previously, the puppet job show command did not localize the timestamp.

Agent packages for AIX, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Windows weren't synched correctly to compile masters (2017.3.0)

Applying any of the pe_repo::platform::aix_* classes on a compile master that couldn't reach pm.puppetlabs.com resulted in a failure.

Error launching MCollective after installing Puppet agents on IBM POWER8 (2017.3.0)

Puppet agents running RHEL 7 or Ubuntu 16.04 on IBM POWER8 hardware did not use Ruby gems correctly, preventing the MCollective service from starting. 

PEActiveMQ cannot start after a certname change (2017.3.0)

Changing the hostname and certificate of a node running pe-activemq would result in duplicated broker configuration blocks in activemq.xml that would prevent the service from starting.

Puppet Server does not track metrics on the requests it makes to the classifier (2017.3.0)

Puppet Server now tracks metrics on the requests it makes to the node classifier.

Windows Puppet agent support for Data Execution Prevention (DEP) (2017.3.0)

The WindowsPuppet components were built without NXCOMPAT to explicitly specify an executable as incompatible with data execution prevention. This is fixed. Puppet agent 1.10.7 includes security robustness measures that enable data execution prevention ( /NXCOMPAT) and address space layout randomization ( /DYNAMICBASE) in the Windows version of the agent binaries.

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