Puppet Enterprise 2017.3

If you run any orchestrator jobs through the console or the orchestrator API , the puppet job show command will also print those jobs.

You can use the puppet job show command with or without a job ID.

puppet job show

238 Running   Jul-02 9:15:15   <API user>      8          query
239 Running   Jul-02 9:15:22   <API user>      3          ??
240 Running   Jul-02 9:15:15   <Job run user>  100        all
*environment not enforced on a per node basis

The enforce_environment option

The enforce_environment option is an option on the /command/ API endpoint. By default enforce_environment is set to true, which means agent nodes are forced to run in the same environment in which their configured applications are defined. If set to false, agent nodes will run in whatever environment they are classified in or assigned to. API jobs may not have an environment specified. If a job has no environment specified, agent node run ordering is not specified by applications.

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