Puppet Enterprise 2017.3

Use the puppet job show command to view running or completed orchestration jobs.

The first time you run a command, you need to authenticate. See the orchestrator installation instructions for information about setting RBAC permissions and token authorization.

If you're running this command from a managed or non-managed Windows workstation, you must specify the full path to the command. For example, c:\Program Files\Puppet Labs\Client\bin\puppet-task run.

Additionally, you can view a list of jobs or view the details of jobs that have previously run or are in progress from the Job details page in the PE console.

Log into your Puppet master or client tools workstation and run one of the following commands:
  • To check the status of a running or completed job, use the following command: puppet job show <job ID>

    The command returns the following:

    • The status of the job (running, completed, or failed).
    • The start (and finish) time.
    • The elapsed time or duration of the run.
    • The user who ran the job.
    • The environment the job ran in if you set the environment.
    • The target specified for the job.
    • Whether no-op mode was enforced.
    • The number of nodes in the job.
    • The job description, if set.
  • To view a list of running and completed jobs, up to 50 maximum (the concurrency limit), ordered by timestamp, use the following command: puppet job show
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