Puppet Enterprise 2017.3

Returns data about a specified task, including metadata and file information. For the default task in a module, :taskname should be init.


The request accepts this query parameter:

environment Returns the tasks in the specified environment. If unspecified, defaults to production.

Response format

The response is a JSON object that includes information about the specified task, and uses these keys:
id An absolute URL where the task's details are listed.
name The full name of the task.
environment A map containing a name key specifying the environment's name and a code_id key indicating the code ID where the task is listed.
metadata A map containing the contents of the <task>.json file.
files An array of the files in the task.
filename The base name of the file.
uri A map containing path and params fields to construct a URL to download the file content. The client should determine which host to download the file from.
sha256 The SHA-256 hash of the file content, in lowercase hexadecimal form.
size_bytes The size of the file content in bytes.
For example:
  "id": "https://orchestrator.example.com:8143/orchestrator/v1/tasks/package/install",
  "name": "package::install",
  "environment": {
    "name": "production",
    "code_id": "urn:puppet:code-id:1:a86da166c30f871823f9b2ea224796e834840676;production"
  "metadata": {
    "description": "Install a package",
    "supports_noop": true,
    "input_method": "stdin",
    "parameters": {
      "name": {
        "description": "The package to install",
        "type": "String[1]"
      "provider": {
        "description": "The provider to use to install the package",
        "type": "Optional[String[1]]"
      "version": {
        "description": "The version of the package to install, defaults to latest",
        "type": "Optional[String[1]]"
  "files": [
      "filename": "install",
      "uri": {
        "path": "/package/tasks/install",
        "params": {
          "environment": "production"
      "sha256": "a9089b5b9720dca38a49db6f164cf8a053a7ea528711325da1c23de94672980f",
      "size_bytes": 693

Error responses

See the error response documentation for the general format of error responses. For this endpoint, the kind key of the error displays the conflict.
puppetlabs.orchestrator/validation-error If the environment parameter is not a legal environment name, or the module or taskname is invalid, the server returns a 400 response.
puppetlabs.orchestrator/unknown-environment If the specified environment doesn't exist, the server returns a 404 response.
puppetlabs.orchestrator/unknown-taskIf the specified task doesn't exist within the specified environment, the server returns a 404 response.
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