Puppet and Puppet services known issues

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet Enterprise support lifecycle.

These are the known issues for Puppet and Puppet services in this PE release.

String translation results in degraded performance

When gettext is installed in order to translate strings and environment caching is not used (environment_timeout = 0) performance might degrade. As a workaround, you can use a new setting, puppet_enterprise::master::disable_i18n, to disable string translation and thereby improve performance. By default, string translation is turned off (puppet_enterprise::master::disable_i18n = true).

Restart shell after install for PE client tools subcommands

After installing PE, the commands in the PE client tools aren't available on the PATH until you restart your shell.

Change to lsbmajdistrelease fact affects some manifests

In Facter 2.2.0, the lsbmajdistrelease fact changed its value from the first two numbers to the full two-number.two-number version on Ubuntu and Amazon Linux systems. This might break manifests that were based on the previous behavior. For example, this fact changed from: 12 to 12.04.

Change allow_no_actionpolicy parameter to enforce MCollective action policies

The MCollective ActionPolicy plugin is installed by default in PE. Within the configuration of MCollective, there is a setting that can be used to enforce the use of this ActionPolicy. By default this setting (plugin.actionpolicy.allow_unconfigured) is hardcoded to 1. This default prevents you from enforcing the use of configured action policies.

To change this setting, use the console to edit the value of the allow_no_actionpolicy parameter of the puppet_enterprise::profile::mcollective::agent class located in the PE MCollective node group. To allow ActionPolicy, enter "0".

puppet module list --tree shows incorrect dependencies after uninstalling modules

If you uninstall a module with puppet module uninstall <module name> and then run puppet module list --tree, you see a tree that does not accurately reflect module dependencies.

The Puppet module tool does not support Solaris 10

When attempting to use the PMT on Solaris 10, you'll get an error like:

    Error: Could not connect via HTTPS to https://forgeapi.puppetlabs.com
            Unable to verify the SSL certificate
    The certificate may not be signed by a valid CA
    The CA bundle included with OpenSSL may not be valid or up to date

This error occurs because there is no CA-cert bundle on Solaris 10 to trust the Forge certificate. To work around this issue, download directly from the Forge website and then use the PMT to install from a local tarball.

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