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This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet Enterprise support lifecycle.

APIs allow you to interact with Puppet and Puppet Enterprise (PE) applications. Descriptions of each API's core tasks will help you figure out when to use which API.

APIUseful for
PuppetDB APIs
  • Querying the data that PuppetDB collects from Puppet
  • Importing and exporting PuppetDB archives
  • Changing the PuppetDB model of a population
  • Querying information about the PuppetDB server
  • Querying PuppetDB metrics
RBAC service API v1
  • Managing access to Puppet Enterprise
  • Connecting to external directories
  • Generating authentication tokens
  • Managing users, user roles, user groups, and user permissions
RBAC service API v2
  • Revoking authentication tokens
Node classifier service API
  • Querying the groups that a node matches
  • Querying the classes, parameters, and variables that have been assigned to a node or group
  • Querying the environment that a node is in
Puppet orchestrator API
  • Gathering details about the orchestrator jobs you run
  • Inspecting applications and applications instances in your Puppet environments

Code Manager API

  • Creating a custom URL that is used to trigger Code Manager
  • Queueing Puppet code deploys
  • Checking Code Manager and file sync status

Puppet Server administrative API

  • Deleting environment caches created by a Puppet master
  • Deleting the Puppet Server pool of JRuby instances
Status API
  • Checking the health status of PE services
Activity service API
  • Querying PE service and user events logged by the activity service
Razor API
  • Provisioning bare-metal machines
Forge API
  • Finding information about modules and users on the Forge
  • Writing scripts and tools that interact with the Forge website
Certificate Authority (CA) API

Used internally by Puppet to manage Puppet agent certificates. See also:

  • Retrieving a catalog for a node
  • Accessing environment information

For more information on how this API is used internally by Puppet, see Agent/Master HTTPs Communications page

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