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Resolved issues

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet Enterprise support lifecycle.

This page describes resolved issues in the latest Puppet Enterprise (PE) release.

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Tip: This PE release contains several components that have additional release notes. Refer to Related release notes for more information.

Resolved issues in PE 2017.1.1

Code manager commands failed with directory service integrations

This release corrects an issue in PE 2017.1.0, in which Code Manager commands failed when issued by RBAC users from a directory service integration, such as LDAP.

Windows agents did not pick up replica configurations

Previously, if you provisioned and enabled a replica Puppet master, Windows agents did not correctly pick up the configuration on the first Puppet run. Puppet had to run a second time before the agents could properly connect to the replica.

Resolved issues in PE 2017.1

File sync failed if it found a .git directory in the live code dir

On upgrades from r10k to Code Manager, file sync failed if it encountered any .git directories, which r10k creates, in the live code directory. With this fix, you no longer need to manually remove .git directories you upgrade from r10k to Code Manager.

MCollective class filtering did not work on AIX agents

This release corrects an issue in which MCollective class filtering did not work on AIX agents.

Agent applied cached catalog during split upgrades

Previously, during upgrades of split installations, an agent could attempt to get a catalog but fail, and then apply a cached catalog and interrupt the upgrade.

Console did not show error on Puppet runs when Puppet server was stopped

If you attempted to run Puppet in the console while the pe-puppetserver service was stopped, the console did not show a relevant error message.

Web-based installer reported required memory incorrectly

In previous versions, the web-based installer could incorrectly report that the amount of RAM available on the target machine was not enough to install PE.

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