Puppet Enterprise 2016.5

GET /jobs/:job-id/events

Retrieve all of the events that occurred during a given job.


The request accepts the following query parameter:

  • start: start the list of events with the nth event.

For example:


Response format

The response is a JSON object that details the events in a job. The following keys are used:

  • next-events: a link to the next event in the job.
  • items: a list of all events related to the job.
  • id: the job ID.
  • type: the current status of the event. See event-types.
  • timestamp: the time when the event was created.
  • details: information about the event.
  • message: a message about the given event.

For example:

  "next-events" : {
    "id" : "https://orchestrator.example.com:8143/orchestrator/v1/jobs/352/events?start=1272"
  "items" : [ {
    "id" : "1267",
    "type" : "node_running",
    "timestamp" : "2016-05-05T19:50:08Z",
    "details" : {
      "node" : "puppet-agent.example.com",
      "detail" : {
        "noop" : false
    "message" : "Started puppet run on puppet-agent.example.com ..."

Event types

The response format for each event will contain one of the following event types, which is determined by the status of the event.

  • node_errored: created when there was an error running Puppet on a node.
  • node_failed: created when Puppet failed to run on a node.
  • node_finished: created when puppet ran successfully on a node.
  • node_running: created when Puppet starts running on a node.
  • node_skipped: created when a Puppet run is skipped on a node (for example, if a dependency fails).
  • job_aborted: created when a job is aborted without completing.

Error responses

See the error response documentation for the general format of error responses. For this endpoint, the kind key of the error displays the conflict.

  • puppetlabs.orchestrator/validation-error: if the start parameter or the job-id in the request are not integers, the server returns a 400 response.
  • puppetlabs.orchestrator/unknown-job: if the job does not exist, the server returns a 404 response.
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