Removing nodes

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet Enterprise support lifecycle.

Removing nodes from PE

To completely remove all traces of an agent node from your PE deployment, follow the steps described below. As an example, this workflow is useful when you have a cloud environment with ephemeral nodes that you are spinning up for a short time. The workflow achieves the following:

  • Deactivates the node in PuppetDB.
  • Deletes the Puppet master’s information cache for the node.
  • Frees up the license that the node was using.
  • Allows you to re-use the hostname for a new node.


  1. On the agent node, stop the agent service:

    • For agent versions 4.0 or later, run service puppet stop.
    • For agent versions earlier than 4.0, run service pe-puppet stop.

    Tip: You can run puppet --version to see which version of Puppet you’re using.

    This prevents the agent node from checking in with the Puppet master and PuppetDB before you reload Puppet server.

  2. On the Puppet master, purge the node by running puppet node purge <CERTNAME>.

    This command revokes the certificate for the agent node and deactivates the node in PuppetDB. It also removes the agent node from the list of nodes in the PE console, and decreases the number of nodes that are being used under your PE license.

  3. Still on the Puppet master, run puppet agent -t to kick off a Puppet run.

    This Puppet run will copy the certificate revocation list (CRL) to the correct SSL directory for delivery to the node.

  4. Reload the Puppet master with service pe-puppetserver reload.

    This completely removes the agent’s certificate from the certificate list. If you don’t run service pe-puppetserver reload, the node will check in again on the next Puppet run and re-register with PuppetDB, which will increase the license count again.

    Tip: You will need to run service pe-puppetserver reload on any compile masters in your system.

    Note: If a purged node still exists and still has PE installed, it can still check in but its Puppet run will fail.

    Note: If you have nodes pinned to node groups in the node classifier, those nodes remain in the console as an artifact, even after they have been purged. To completely remove them from the console, you must manually unpin them from individual node groups or unpin them from all node groups using the unpin-from-all command endpoint.

If your nodes will continue to exist, take the following two additional steps to stop MCollective from running on the node:

  1. On the agent node, uninstall the Puppet agent or stop the mcollective service:

    • For agent versions 4.0 or later, run service mcollective stop.
    • For agent versions earlier than 4.0, run service pe-mcollective stop.
  2. On the agent node, remove the node’s certificate in /etc/puppetlabs/mcollective/ssl/clients.

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