Puppet Enterprise 2016.4

See the vRO Puppet plug-in documentation for more information about the plug-in and instructions on installing and using it.

vRO Puppet plug-in 2.0

This all-new plug-in release adds support for Puppet 4 features, more robust support for vRO and vRA, and new content for Puppet administrators and vRO blueprint developers alike.

Upgrade warning: This version of the plug-in doesn’t support upgrades from the previous vRO Puppet plug-in version (1.0). If you’re using version 1.0 of the plug-in, you must remove it before installing version 2.0.

Known issue: Windows 32-bit agents are not supported

The vRO Puppet plug-in can’t manage agents running the 32-bit (x86) version of the Puppet agent. Only 64-bit (x64) agents are supported by this release.

Known issue: “Run Puppet” workflows perform one more Puppet run than necessary

The “Run Puppet” workflows on both Linux and Windows agents include a restart of the puppet service, via the puppet resource service puppet command.

For each successful “Run Puppet” workflow run, there appears two seemingly identical reports in the PE Console UI due to a second consecutive Puppet run.

This redundant report can be safely disregarded, and we plan to address this behavior in future versions.

Known issue: Able to attempt workflows even when no Puppet master is defined

In the sample Event Broker workflows, you can start a workflow even if the Puppet master is not defined, resulting in several actions occurring before it fails.

In a future version, the plug-in will stop sooner when attempting to run workflows that require a Puppet master if one isn’t defined.

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