Update classes endpoint

This version is no longer supported, maintained, or updated. For current versions, see Puppet Enterprise support lifecycle.

POST /v1/update-classes

Trigger the node classifier to update class and environment definitions from the Puppet master. This is the endpoint that’s used when you refresh classes in the console.

Note: If you don’t use Code Manager and you changed the default value of the environment-class-cache-enabled server setting, you must manually delete the environment cache before using this endpoint.

Query parameters

  • environment: (optional) If provided, fetches classes for only the specified environment.

For example:

curl -X POST https://localhost:4433/classifier-api/v1/update-classes?environment=production
--cert <PATH TO CERT>
--key <PATH TO KEY>


A successful update will return a 201 response with an empty body.

Error responses

If the Puppet master returns an unexpected status to the node classifier, the server will return a 500 Server Error response with the following keys:

  • kind: “unexpected-response”
  • msg: describes the error
  • details: a JSON object, which has url, status, headers, and body keys describing the response the classifier received from the Puppet master
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