Uninstalling Puppet Enterprise

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet Enterprise support lifecycle.

Using the uninstaller

The puppet-enterprise-uninstaller script is installed on the master, the PuppetDB, and the console nodes. In order to uninstall PE, you must run the uninstaller on each node; you can run it with /opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppet-enterprise-uninstaller.

If you installed PE using the automated install process, you must run the uninstaller on each node. You can find the uninstaller in the same directory as the installer script. Run it with root privileges from the command line:

$ sudo ./puppet-enterprise-uninstaller

Regardless of the path you use, the uninstaller will ask you to confirm that you want to uninstall.

By default, the uninstaller will remove the Puppet Enterprise software, users, logs, cron jobs, and caches, but it will leave your modules, manifests, certificates, databases, and configuration files in place, as well as the home directories of any users it removes.

You can use the following command-line flags to change the uninstaller’s behavior:

Uninstaller options

  • -p — Purge additional files. With this flag, the uninstaller will also remove all configuration files, modules, manifests, certificates, and the home directories of any users created by the PE installer. This will also remove the Puppet public GPG key used for package verification.
  • -d — Also remove any databases created during installation.
  • -h — Display a help message.
  • -n — Run in noop mode; show commands that would have been run during uninstallation without actually running them.
  • -y — Don’t ask to confirm uninstallation, assuming an answer of yes.

Thus, to remove every trace of PE from a system, you would run:

$ sudo ./puppet-enterprise-uninstaller -d -p

Note that if you plan to reinstall any PE component on a node you’ve run an uninstall on, you may need to run puppet cert clean <node name> on the master in order to remove any orphaned certificates from the node.

Uninstalling PE from agent nodes

When you install agent nodes using the agent installation script, PE does not include the puppet-enterprise-uninstaller script as part of the agent package. There are a few additional steps you’ll need to take to uninstall PE from agent nodes.

  1. On your Puppet master, navigate to /opt/puppetlabs/bin/ and copy puppet-enterprise-uninstaller to the agent node you’re uninstalling PE from.
  2. On the agent node, run sudo ./puppet-enterprise-uninstaller, and follow the prompts.

Note that if you plan to reinstall PE, you should run puppet cert clean <node name> on the Puppet master in order to remove any orphaned certificates from the node.

About Mac OS X and Windows agent uninstallation

For instructions on uninstalling PE on nodes running Windows, refer to the uninstalling section of the Windows agent installation instructions.

To uninstall PE on a node running Mac OS X, simply access the uninstaller .pkg in the original OS X PE agent package you downloaded, and follow the instructions in the uninstall dialog.

Warning: When you use the OS X uninstaller, you will completely remove all aspects of the PE agent from that node.

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