• Overview
  • Release notes
  • Puppet platform documentation
  • Quick start guides
  • Managing Windows nodes
  • Installing
  • Upgrading
  • Migrating
  • Configuring PE
  • Monitoring infrastructure state
  • Managing nodes
  • Managing access
  • Managing applications
  • Enforcing change with Puppet orchestrator
  • Managing and deploying Puppet code
  • Provisioning with Razor
  • SSL and certificates
  • APIs
  • Managing MCollective
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Appendix

Puppet Enterprise user's guide

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet Enterprise support lifecycle.

Welcome to the Puppet Enterprise user guide!

Here are some useful links:

Release notes

Installing Puppet Enterprise

Quick start guides

Node management and role-based access control

Application orchestration

Enforcing change with Puppet Orchestrator

Managing and deploying Puppet code

Provisioning with Razor

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If you are using an older version of Puppet Enterprise, you can find documentation for previous versions here.

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