Setting up Project Nebula


To set up Nebula, integrate a repository using Nebula's web interface, and install the command-line interface (CLI).

Integrate a repository with Project Nebula

You must integrate a repository with Nebula before you can add a workflow.

To integrate your repository, log in to the Nebula web interface at and click Integrations > Add Integration.

Download and install the Nebula CLI

Use the Nebula command line interface (CLI) to manage your workflows and secrets.

To set up the Nebula CLI:

  1. Download the relevant CLI for your operating system:
  2. Rename the filenebula-cli. For example:
    mv nebula-cli-v3.1.1-darwin-amd64 nebula-cli
  3. Make the file executable:
    chmod +x nebula-cli
  4. Log in to Nebula with your username and password:
    ./nebula-cli login

Supported integrations

Project Nebula currently supports the following integrations.

Source control

  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • GitLab

Container registries

  • Docker Hub

For more information about triggering a workflow run with Docker Hub, see Automate your workflows with Docker Hub.

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