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MCollective provides extensive input data validation to prevent attacks and injections into your agents preventing attack vectors like Shell Injection Attacks.

Traditionally we shipped a number of pre-made validator plugins that could be used in agents and DDL files but you were not capable fo adding your own easily.

As of version 2.2.0 you can write new Validator plugins that allow you to extend the DDL and Agent validation methods.

Writing A New Validator

We’ll write a new validator plugin that can validate a string matches valid Exim message IDs like 1Svk5S-0001AW-I5.

Validator plugins and their DDL files goes in the libdir in the validator directory on both the servers and the clients.

The Ruby Plugin

The basic validator plugin that will validate any data against this regular expression can be seen here:

module MCollective
  module Validator
    class Exim_msgidValidator
      def self.validate(msgid)
        Validator.typecheck(msgid, :string)

        raise "Not a valid Exim Message ID" unless msgid.match(/(?:[+-]\d{4} )?(?:\[\d+\] )?(\w{6}\-\w{6}\-\w{2})/)

All you need to do is provide a self.validate method that takes 1 argument and do whatever validation you want to do against the input data.

Here we first confirm it is a string and then we do the regular expression match against that. Any Exception that gets raised will result in validation failing.


As with other plugins these plugins need a DDL file, all they support is the metadata section.

metadata    :name        => "Exim Message ID",
            :description => "Validates that a string is a Exim Message ID",
            :author      => "R.I.Pienaar <>",
            :license     => "ASL 2.0",
            :version     => "1.0",
            :url         => "",
            :timeout     => 1

Using the Validator in a DDL

You can use the validator in any DDL file, here is a snippet matching an input using the new exim_msgid validator:

action "retrymsg", :description => "Retries a specific message" do
    display :ok

    input :msgid,
          :prompt      => "Message ID",
          :description => "Valid message id currently in the mail queue",
          :type        => :string,
          :validation  => :exim_msgid,
          :optional    => false,
          :maxlength   => 16

    output :status,
           :description => "Status Message",
           :display_as  => "Status"

Note here we are using our new validator to validate the msgid input.

Using the Validator in an Agent

Agents can also have validation, traditionally this included the normal things like regular expressions but now here you can also use the validator plugins:

action "retrymsg" do
  validate :msgid, :exim_msgid

  # call out to exim to retry the message

Here we’ve extended the basic validate helper of the RPC Agent with our own plugin and used it to validate a specific input.

Listing available Validators

You can obtain a list of validators using the plugin application:

% mco plugin doc

Please specify a plugin. Available plugins are:


Validator Plugins:
  array                     Validates that a value is included in a list
  exim_msgid                Validates that a string is a Exim Message ID
  ipv4address               Validates that a value is an ipv4 address
  ipv6address               Validates that a value is an ipv6 address
  length                    Validates that the length of a string is less or equal to a specified value
  regex                     Validates that a string matches a supplied regular expression
  shellsafe                 Validates that a string is shellsafe
  typecheck                 Validates that a value is of a certain type

Note our new exim_msgid plugin appears in this list.

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