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The rpcutil Agent


We include an agent with a few utilities and helpers there to assist in retrieving information about the running mcollectived.

We aim to add the ability to initiate reloads and so forth in this agent too in future, this will require further internal refactoring though.

inventory Action

Retrieves an inventory of the facts, classes and agents and plugins on the system, takes no arguments and returns a hash like this:

{:agents   => ["rpcutil", "discovery"],
 :facts     => {"mcollective"=>1},
 :classes   => ["common::linux", "motd"],
 :data_plugins=>["sysctl_data", "fstat_data"],

daemon_stats Action

Retrieves statistics about the running daemon, how many messages it’s handled, passed, dropped etc.

See the DDL for the agent for a full reference

 :threads=>      ["#<Thread:0xb7dcf480 sleep>",
                  "#<Thread:0xb7fba704 sleep>",
                  "#<Thread:0xb7dcfb88 run>"],
 :agents=>["rpcutil", "discovery"],
 :times=>{:cutime=>0.0, :utime=>0.15, :cstime=>0.0, :stime=>0.02},

Replies will always be less than received since the current message has not been sent yet when the stats are gathered.

get_fact Action

Retrieves a single fact from the server

{:fact   => "mcollective",
 :value  => 1}

agent_inventory Action

Returns a list of all agents with their meta data like version, author, license etc

{:agents=> [
	       :license=>"Apache License, Version 2",
	       :author=>"R.I.Pienaar <rip@devco.net>"},

	       :license=>"Apache License, Version 2.0",
	       :name=>"Utilities and Helpers for SimpleRPC Agents",
	       :description=> "General helpful actions that expose stats and internals to SimpleRPC clients",
	       :author=>"R.I.Pienaar <rip@devco.net>",

get_config_item Action

Retrieves the active value for any configuration item on a server

{:item   => "loglevel",
 :value  => "debug"}

ping Action

A simple lightweight ping action that just returns each nodes local time

{:pong   => 1295471526}

collective_info Action

Retrieves the main and sub collectives configured

For a server configured with:

collectives = mcollectivedev,subdev1
main_collective = mcollectivedev

The following structure gets returned:

{:collectives=>["mcollectivedev", "subdev1"],
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