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Using with Puppet


If you’re a Puppet user you are supported in both facts and classes filters.

There are a number of community plugins related to Puppet:

  • Manage the Puppetd, request runs, enable and disable - AgentPuppetd
  • Manage the Puppet CA, sign, list and revoke certificates - AgentPuppetca
  • Use the Puppet Ral to create resources on demand, a distributed ralsh - AgentPuppetRal
  • Schedule your puppetd’s controlling concurrency and resource usage - PuppetCommander
  • The ServiceAgent and PackageAgent use the Puppet RAL to function on many operating systems

There are also several blog posts related to Puppet and MCollective:


There is a community plugin to enable Facter as a fact source.

So you can use the facts provided by Facter in filters, reports etc.

$ mco find --with-fact lsbdistrelease=5.4

This includes facts pushed out with Plugin Sync.

A less resource intensive approach has can be found here, it converts the Puppet scope into a YAML file that the YAML fact source then loads. This is both less resource intensive and much faster.

Class Filters

Puppet provides a list of classes applied to a node by default in /var/puppet/state/classes.txt or /var/lib/puppet/state/classes.txt (depending on which Puppet version you are using. The latter is true for 0.25.5 onwards) , we’ll use this data with –with-class filters.

You should configure MCollective to use this file by putting the following in your server.cfg

classesfile = /var/lib/puppet/classes.txt

or if using Puppet 0.23.0 and onwards

classesfile = /var/lib/puppet/state/classes.txt

You can now use your classes lists in filters:

$ mco find --with-class /apache/
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