Hiera 3.3: Release Notes

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet packages and versions.

Important: This is old documentation; read the new version instead.

Puppet 4.9 and later use Hiera 5, and its documentation is in the Puppet reference manual. See the following pages for more info:

We are preserving this Hiera 3 documentation for historical reference, but the Hiera 5 documentation is a complete replacement for it.

Hiera 3.3.3

Released April 17, 2017.

This is a maintenance release of Hiera that ships with Puppet agent 1.10.12 and does not affect users.

Hiera 3.3.2

Released June 13, 2017.

This is a minor bug fix version of Hiera that ships with Puppet agent 1.10.2 and does not affect users.

Hiera 3.3.1

Released March 9, 2017.

This version of Hiera ships with Puppet agent 1.9.3. It is a small bug fix release.

Bug fixes

Hiera now errors if it is given a ‘hiera.yaml’ configuration file that uses the version 4 format, because that format is only available in environments and modules. Previously, Hiera silently ignored its content and no keys were given values. Now there is a clear error if a ‘hiera.yaml’ version 4 configuration file ends up in the wrong place. (HI-544)

Hiera did not read data files into cache using UTF-8, which could lead to encoding problems occurring much later. Now the data files (YAML, JSON) are read with UTF-8 encoding. (HI-519)

Hiera 3.3

Released February 1, 2017.

This version of Hiera ships with Puppet agent 1.9.0. Hiera 5, a successor of the experimental Puppet lookup feature is built into Puppet 4.9, and uses the classic Hiera 3.3 codebase. You can learn more about Hiera 5 in the Puppet 4.9 release notes.

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