This page documents the history of the Facter 3.6 series. If you’re upgrading from Facter 2, review the Facter 3.0 release notes for important information about other breaking changes, new features, and changed functionality.

Facter 3.6.9

Released February 5, 2018.

This is a bug-fix release that shipped with Puppet agent 1.10.10.

Bug fixes

  • Facter no longer attempts to check the dmidecode fact in Linux systems running on POWER architectures.

  • Facter 3.6.9 can interpret YAML or JSON output from external facts written in Powershell as structured facts.

Facter 3.6.8

Released November 6, 2017.

This is a bug-fix release that shipped with Puppet agent 1.10.9.

Bug fixes

Facter 3.6.8 resolves issues on Power8 architectures and with custom fact evaluation.

  • On Power8 architectures, previous versions of Facter reported inaccurate counts of logical and physical processors in the processors fact. Facter 3.6.8 resolves the issue by using the /sys/devices/system/cpu directory to compute only the physical CPU count, and computes the logical CPU count by incrementing the number of processor entries in /proc/cpuinfo.

Also, previous versions of Facter used the wrong fields of /proc/cpu/info on Power8 architectures when determining the CPU model and clock speed. Facter 3.6.8 correctly uses the cpu and clock fields when populating relevant facts.

  • Since Facter 3.6.0, Facter evaluated custom facts from Puppet twice. Facter 3.6.8 resolves this issue by evaluating them only once, which significantly reduces the time required to evaluate facts.

Facter 3.6.7

Released September 6, 2017.

This is a minor bug-fix and Windows security improvement release that shipped with Puppet agent 1.10.7.

Security improvement: Enable Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

As part of security robustness measure, the Windows binaries for Facter 3.6.7 enable Data Execution Prevention (aka /NX) and address space layout randomization. There was no specific known vulnerability, but this improvement reduces the changes of unknown vulnerabilities being exploited.

Bug fixes

  • FACT-1728: Facter provides an improved error message when facter -p is specified but Puppet cannot be loaded.

Facter 3.6.6

Released July 26, 2017.

This is a minor bug fix release that shipped with Puppet agent 1.10.5.

Bug fixes

  • FACT-1455: Facter now correctly returns the id fact when a group file entry is larger than 1KiB.

Facter 3.6.5

Released June 12, 2017.

This is a minor bug fix release that shipped with Puppet agent 1.10.2.

Bug fixes

  • FACT-1627: Facter computes more accurate version information for AIX.
  • FACT-1610: Facter correctly handles AIX volume groups that have been inherited from AIX 4 versions.

Facter 3.6.4

Released May 11, 2017.

Shipped with Puppet agent 1.10.1. This is a minor bug fix release, and most issues contained in it to do not affect users.

Bug fixes

  • FACT-1578: Facter had an integer overflow when reporting on large numeric fact values like disk sizes, so the values were reported as negative numbers. This fix ensures Facter uses 64-bit longs to correctly report on the data.

Facter 3.6.3

Released April 5, 2017.

Shipped with Puppet agent 1.10.0. This minor release contains one bug fix, and the remaining issues do not affect users.

Bug fixes

  • FACT-1585: GCE metadata collection now works correctly when Google’s DNS is not used.

Facter 3.6.2

Released March 9, 2017.

Shipped with Puppet agent 1.9.3.

This is a minor release that does not affect users.

Facter 3.6.1

Released February 10, 2017.

Shipped with Puppet agent 1.9.1.

This is a minor release that does not affect users.

Facter 3.6.0

Released February 1, 2017.

Ships with Puppet agent 1.9.0.

New features

New fact: cloud

The addition of a new top-level fact, cloud, is intended for discovering whether a node is running on a given public cloud provider. In this first release it currently detects whether a Linux-based node is running in Azure, and provides that information in the cloud.provider fact.

No other cloud providers are currently detected. (FACT-1441)

"cloud": {
    "provider": "azure"


Structured fact support for AIX

We’ve added support for the disks, filesystems, mountpoints, and partitions facts on AIX. (FACT-1552)

Bug fixes

  • FACT-1559: Facter now reports the correct OS name for recent releases of CoreOS.

  • FACT-1527: Previously, the Gentoo os::release fact was incorrectly reporting kernel version. This switches to reporting the release version from /etc/gentoo-release.

  • FACT-1520: Facter again reports networking facts on FreeBSD (this was a regression from Facter 2). A case where the wrong system serial was used has also been fixed.

  • FACT-1394: Facter no longer prints a false warning when linkdown is present in routing table entries

  • FACT-1510: Facts from symlinked folders on Windows such as Virtualbox Shared Folders, should now resolve correctly.

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