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Facter 3.4 Release notes


This page documents the history of the Facter 3.4 series. If you’re upgrading from Facter 2, review the Facter 3.0 release notes for important information about other breaking changes, new features, and changed functionality.

Note: This version of Facter is included in the Long Term Support release Puppet Enterprise 2016.4, so while there may be newer versions of Facter available (and sometimes referenced in these release notes), we will continue updating this version until Puppet Enterprise 2016.4 reaches end of life.

Facter 3.4.2

Released January 17, 2016.

A bug fix release shipped in puppet-agent 1.7.2.

Bug fixes

  • FACT-1551: Custom Ruby facts running on Windows would fail to run if they made use of the Ruby network stack (such as Net::HTTP), this has been resolved.

  • FACT-1413: This change formalizes fact precedence and resolution order when there are multiple top-level facts with the same name, and fixes application of the has_weight field from custom facts.

Facter 3.4.1

Released August 23, 2016.

Only one issue was addressed in this release of Facter. Shipped in a critical bug release of Puppet agent 1.6.1.


The Facter config file will now be loaded from its default location (/etc/puppetlabs/facter/facter.conf on Unix, C:\ProgramData\PuppetLabs\facter/facter.conf on Windows) when Facter is required from Ruby. Two settings will be respected: external-dir and custom-dir, which add paths to search for custom and external facts to those already specified by Puppet.

Facter 3.4.0

Released August 10, 2016.


  • FACT-1419: The identity structured fact has been enhanced with the privileged element - a boolean flag which is set to true if facter is running as a privileged process or false if not.

  • FACT-1428: Facter 3 can now report a subset of standard facts on FreeBSD

Facter detects PhotonOS

This release adds PhotonOS detection to the Facter os structured facts and related legacy flat facts. The OS name is “PhotonOS”, and its family is “RedHat”.

New features

HOCON config file for Facter

This release adds support for a HOCON config file for Facter, which has fields for certain global settings that can currently only be set from the command line. These come in two groups: global, which contains settings for fact directories and Ruby, and CLI, which contains fields for configuring command line output.

There is now a command line flag for Facter (--config) which allows the user to specify the path to the config file.

Bug fixes

  • FACT-1406: On 32-bit Linux or BSD, several individual fields within the mountpoints fact could be corrupt. This fixes that problem.

  • FACT-1448: Previously, all Facter boolean values were returned true when JSON output was requested. This corrects the issue so that false is returned when the fact value is false.

  • FACT-1405: Facter now constructs IP route information correctly when there are additonal flags in the ip route.

  • FACT-1449: Facter treated quoted numeric and boolean values in YAML external fact files as numeric/boolean instead of respecting the quotes and treating the value as a string. Facter has been fixed to only perform the conversion for unquoted scalar values.

  • FACT-1434: Facter now correctly reports the wxallowed mount flag on OpenBSD.

  • FACT-1454: This updates the Ruby object collection process in Leatherman to fix a segfault issue when using libfacter with Ruby 2.3.1.

  • FACT-1432: Facter now correctly reports the link address of a network interface on OpenBSD.

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